Welcome to Living Hope Christian Fellowship’s Small Group Resource & Information Site

"Loving God And Sharing Him With Others"

Living Hope Christian Fellowship is a multi-cultural church (affiliated with the Mennonite Church BC) and is made up of people from all walks of life. As our motto states, we desire to see people pursue vibrant and meaningful relationship with God, loving and enjoying His presence while sharing Him with others.

Our worship celebrations are weekly on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM, and during the week we get together in Small Groups. In these groups, we as a church are committed to helping people pursue their relationship with God while helping them address issues we all face in the real world. Seasonally, we like to offer break-out sessions and events that facilitate both spiritual and personal growth. Our Break-Out Sessions offer a variety of courses from bible school type book studies to what it really means to follow Christ to learning about relationships or finances from a biblical perspective.


What is “Small Group” all about?

Presently, our “small groups” are groups of anywhere from 5 to 16 people who meet once a week, usually in someone’s home. They are led by Small Group Leaders, who are active members of Living Hope that have undergone Small Group Leadership Training. A regular meeting incorporates welcome (icebreaker questions), worship (through scripture reading, songs, prayer &/or testimonies), a “Word” section, which incorporates scripture reading often based on the previous Sunday’s teaching time as well as discussion geared towards applying God’s Word in our lives with a purpose of growing us in our knowledge of, faith in and love for Jesus Christ.

We believe that God never intended for our faith to become overly complicated; but He did intend for our faith to be deep, rich and life-giving. In our groups we strive to help nurture this simple faith in Christ by committing to love God, love others and serve others. In our small groups we have opportunity to put hands and feet to this commitment. Life is shared here; opportunities to serve are offered and encouraged; and support is shown in real and tangible ways.

In our groups, we encourage one another to live out the Great Commandment of “loving God with our everything” and “loving our neighbors as ourselves”, as well as live out the Great Commission of “going out into the world” and “making disciples”.

In light of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, the values we strive to help each other live out are as follows:

#1 Value: Loving God...

In loving God, we are taught in God’s Word to love Him with “all our heart, soul, mind, and strength”. To nurture this, we need to commit to passionate spirituality. This has to do with Christ being formed in us and involves us living our whole life in recognition and acknowledgement of God as our Lord and Savior, allowing Him to impact our everything. How we use our time, gifts, talents, and possessions needs to reflect this.

#2 Value: Loving others...

In loving others, we are called to live in community... intentionally. God designed for us to live out our faith in the context of community, of family. This is where the “rubber-hits-the-road” as we live together in accountability and grace, responsibility and witness, ministry and rest, with others who love and have committed their lives to Christ. In our small groups, we carve out time to worship together, to study the Bible, to involve ourselves in a common mission, to share our day-to-day journeys, and to engage in fun activities and community-focused events.

#3 Value: Serving others...

In serving others, we need to be all about “loving our neighbors as ourselves” so that we may have the privilege of leading people to Christ and see Him transform our neighborhoods, workplaces, and even the church! In the world, God desires for us to be the hands and feet of Christ to people; loving them, helping them. This is an important value in God’s eyes, as He summarizes all His commandments into two top priorities; this being the close second next to loving Him with everything we have. This value emphasizes a lifestyle that gives priority to the good news of Christ’s Kingdom and the power of His Holy Spirit to transform lives.

You’re Invited!

If you have a desire to learn more about the Christian life or wish to grow in your Christian faith, and enjoy fellowship with other believers, may we encourage you to be part of a Living Hope Small Group.

Contact the church office at (604) 588-8109 to find a small group close to you!